A Trip to Scotland

Posted on Oct 18, 2014

A very exciting few days up in Scotland shooting a documentary for Lard Yao Peter who is a hand tattoo artist.
With aerial footage, motorbikes and tattooing it made for a very fun few days.Leaving at 7am on Thursday 16th we drove up
to Dundee for a two day shoot, after a 12hr drive we final reached are basefor the next few days.
After a quick pub visit it was time to get some sleep ready for the first day of shooting. At 8:30am we were up and ready
to shoot starting with some aerial footage of the town and a castle, using the hexacopter we captured these shots quickly.Then it was time for Josh our Director/Producer to get his tattoo, it took 2hr 30mins and we shot the majority of it in normal
speed and time-lapse. After that we moved on to shooting the tattoo artist Lard Yao Peter riding his Harley Davison in the
Scottish landscapes, using slowmotion and the hexacopter to capture some unique shots. Finally on the last day we shot the interview
which came out beautiful, getting everything we needed to produce an amazing documentary.
Then it was just another 12hr journey back to London and Brighton for us…