We are a group of creative professionals, fascinated by technology, light and colour, based in the sunny seaside coast of Brighton.

We create cinematic films, telling the stories of the brands, companies and individuals we work with. We specialise in art house, lifestyle and documentary film making – it is our job to tell the real story behind your brand.

Red Kite Films offers a full range of filming and post production services, so can work on any aspect of your project.

We shoot on 4K Cinema Cameras and use high end audio gear to give your project the best quality possible. Our office in Brighton has two editing stations with the full adobe creative suite.

 Please have a look at some of our work on the project page.

Joe Kaufman
Company Director, Cinematographer

Joe Kaufman has been film making from a very early age, growing up in a very creative family. Making short films with friends and family Joe very quickly became talented in cinematography. With this already strongly in place Joe went on to study at Ravensbourne University and achieved a degree in editing and post production. Shortly before finishing university Joe set up Red Kite Films, working in all areas from feature films to extreme sports and has been in non-stop work ever since.

Callum Gale
Film Editor & Creative Designer

Callum has had a life long love of cinema and storytelling, which lead him first to theatre and then later onto creating his own shorts. He began studying film at South Essex College and went on to received his degree in Editing and Post Production from Ravensbourne University in London. This is where Callum met and began collaborating with the other members of the crew, working on a wide variety of different pieces. Callum’s interest in symbolism and the language of film can been seen throughout his work and has inspired his unique, artist editing style.